Wine Valuations

Fine Wine Valuations

Taversham’s can provide you with expert Wine Valuations and a full report based on today’s market prices.

We can help with a Wine Valuation when planning a liquidation of your Investment Portfolio, or for Divorce, Probate, and Insurance purposes. 

Entering Wines Into Auction with Us?

If you require a Wine Valuation when selling your wines at auction via Taversham’s. We’ll provide a simple & quick overview of the current market prices for your collection.

This service is free to Taversham’s Sellers.

We’ll let you know auction estimates and advise you of our proposed ‘Reserve Prices’ for when the auction goes live.

Simply email us your inventory of bottles & cases. Our valuation is based on the Fine Wine market. We take into consideration the rarity & general overall condition of the wines. We look for things such as fill levels, label appearance & capsules condition. Wines in their original wooden cases, with great storage location and history or provenance are important too.

Example of how we’d categorise the ‘Fill Levels’.
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Insurance, Probate or Divorce?

When an in-depth assessment is required our knowledgeable and experienced team can provide you with a thorough Wine Valuation for legal or insurance purposes.

Our complete Wine Valuation service includes a full inventory with an itemised condition assessment and condition reports on each bottle & case. We also provide an overview assessment of the location & storage conditions.

For Probate or Divorce, we’ll make sure that our Wine Valuation is carried out in conjunction with your solicitor or legal professional. As a result, we’ll provide all necessary reports in a timely and concise manner.

The Gov.UK page has a useful guide on the Probate process. Once Probate is granted, our Fees can be deducted against the value of the estate. In which case, there’s no upfront cost as Taversham’s liaise directly with your solicitor.

In the case of divorce, we can provide a Wine Valuation for your or a spouse’s investment portfolio or private collection. Therefore the fees for our service can be invoiced to your solicitor.

As long as we have the correct permissions, we can visit a specified premises, establishment or Bonded Warehouse to assess the wines for you.

House Clearance

Many house clearance teams attempt to cover all bases with regards to furniture, art, jewellery, and miscellaneous items.

We believe that there are Fine Wine treasures to be found, so we are always on hand to help you understand just what these wines may be worth for you. Often a few simple photos will be enough in the first instance for a Wine Valuation of this nature.

We’ll quickly and simply advise on whether there are any hidden gems tucked away and what the next steps might be. You can even send us photos via WhatsApp

If you would like us to value your wine collection please contact us. You can phone on 02039 23 23 23 or email