Whisky Valuations

Taversham’s can provide you with an expert Whisky Valuation and a full report based on today’s market prices.

We can help with a Whisky Valuation when planning a liquidation of your Investment Portfolio, or for Divorce, Probate, and Insurance purposes. 

Entering Whisky Into Auction with Us?

If you require a Whisky Valuation when selling your whisky at auction via Taversham’s. We’ll provide a simple & quick overview of the current market prices for your bottles.

This service is free to Taversham’s Sellers.

We’ll let you know auction estimates and advise you of our proposed ‘Reserve Prices’ for when the auction goes live.

Simply email us your inventory of bottles. We will value the whisky based on market prices, taking into consideration the rarity & general overall condition of the whisky.