Selling Wine At Auction

Selling Wine at Auction

Do you own fine wine or have an investment portfolio of wines that you’re looking to sell?

If so, Selling Wines at Auction can be a great way of selling your wine with very little hassle. Whether it’s a few cases stored under bond, or just a few bottles stored at home. Depending on their conditions or provenance, we’ll assess them for you.

Taversham’s will take care of everything on your behalf. There’s nothing to pay upfront.

With just a few simple steps you can be making money selling wines at auction with us.

Get in touch
Call 020 3923 2323 or email

Let us know which wines you’re thinking of selling at auction and we’ll give you a valuation based on the current market. This is a simple and quick service and there’s no further obligation.

The Finer Details
We’ll need to view and assess the physical condition of all wines. We’ll also need to take some photos of the wines looking at their best. After the physical assessment we’ll give you a final valuation.

Agree a Reserve
We’ll work with you to confirm which wines you’d like us to sell. We’ll need to agree with you a ‘Reserve’. This is your ‘safety net’, a minimum price that you’d want us to sell your wines for.

Everything is Confirmed
A contract between you and Taversham’s will be agreed. This will outlay any service fees and the date of the auction. Once the contract is signed, there’s no going back and your wines are ready to be sold.

We’ll look after your wine.

There’s more information on how to get your wines to us on our Consign My Wines Page . At least one month before the auction we’ll need to get your wines to our warehouse. Once received they’ll be covered by our insurance. You can either arrange delivery yourself, or we can do it for you.

The Auction
After a successful sale at auction, you’ll receive your money, less any fees, within 34 days.

There’s nothing to pay upfront, the costs incurred by selling wines at auction are taken from the ‘Hammer Price’ at the end of the auction. We’ll deduct our agreed commission and any fees. Please see full T’s & C’s or contact us and we’ll talk you through every step.

What if my wine doesn’t sell?
Firstly, don’t panic. There are a few options and you’re always welcome to have your wine back. We’ll give you a call to discuss what you’d like us to do.

  1. Carry over until our next auction. The easiest thing to do. There’re no further fees to pay and we’ll keep hold of your wine. We’ll also offer any pricing advice based on the outcome of the initial auction.
  2. Sell through our retail partners. We have partnerships with independent Wine Merchants  in the UK and we’ll work with them to sell the wine on your behalf to meet your reserve.
  3. We’ll make you an offer. If we’re interested, we’ll make you an offer and buy the wine from you directly. We’ll sell directly to our Private Client customers through our Fine Wine sales partner.
  4. Take your wine back. We’ll deliver your wine back to you in the same condition it arrived in. You’re still liable for any fees occurred through listing your wines.