UK Deliveries and Under Bond Transfers

Choice of Collection or Delivery from our Head Office

You can collect your Winning Bids marked as being stored in Taversham’s Head Office (HO) for free. Please give us 48 hours notice so that we can have them ready for you. If you choose to request a courier to collect on your behalf, please also give 48 hours notice. We would recommend them to be packaged professionally to keep them safe – please let us know if this service is required and we can add the cost to your invoice.

If we don’t hear from you that you are collecting, we offer a service of professional packaging to keep your Lots safe and arrange delivery by courier to your address provided. These costs will be added to your invoice – if you then wish to collect them, please let us know as soon as possible.

We Offer a Delivery Service and Transfers Under Bond

For Winning Bids – In Bond (IB) or Duty Paid (DP) – stored in our Bonded Account at London City Bond Tilbury, RM18 7AH (LCB), we will add to your invoice the delivery cost to your address provided.

Whilst the Auction is up online, you are welcome to contact us for a quote.

Where multiple Lots are won, we will consolidate as much as we can to keep delivery costs as low as possible.

We arrange deliveries which are done by London City Bond Transport who are specialists in wine deliveries throughout the UK and we’ve never had any breakages.

If you have won ‘In-Bond’ (IB) Lots and want them transferred under bond to your UK Bonded Storage Account, please let us know immediately after the auction finishes and provide full account details.

Please note, that wines removed from bonded storage (marked as IB) will be liable for Excise Duty and VAT as required by HMRC.

International Buyers for Collection

For International Buyers, we will release your winning Lots held in our Bond for collection by your chosen shipper. On our International Shipping page you’ll find our recommended shippers.