Getting Your Wines Delivered

Collect the Wines Yourself

Collections from any storage location will always be free.

If you arrange your own collection, please give us 48 hours notice to package and release the wines to you or your chosen courier.

Taversham’s Delivers

We understand that getting wines delivered can be expensive.

Our aim is that deliveries will be charged to you ‘at-cost’. However, we charge a minimum of £25.

If you would like your Winning Bids delivered, let us know and we will quote depending on which Lots you have won.

All prices below are indicative and are subject to VAT.

Duty-Paid Deliveries

We can package and dispatch ‘Duty-Paid’ deliveries on your behalf, delivered by the London City Bond team.

Where multiple ‘Duty-Paid’ Lots are purchased, we will consolidate packaging as much as we can to keep delivery costs as low as possible.

Guide Delivery Prices for Mainland UK:

Quantity Cost Weight
1 – 12 Bottles £25 Up to 20 kg
12 – 60 Bottles £35 Over 20 kg
60+ Bottles POA  

All estimated delivery costs are excluding vat.

Our standard indicative cost includes optional insurance cover. This is charged at 1% of the value of the wines, with a minimum fee of £5, applied to the invoice as part of the delivery charge. This fee can be removed on request, but is added as standard.

For Example; 12 bottles with a total value of £1000 delivered to a UK mainland address is £20. Insurance is then charged at 1% of the total (£10). Total cost of delivery would be £30.

In-Bond Deliveries

‘In-Bond’ Lots will be delivered by the London City Bond transport team, to a UK Address or transferred to a UK Bonded Storage Account.

We will consolidate purchases of multiple lots into one single delivery, where possible, including Duty-Paid, and wines being shipped from Europe.

Quantity Estimated Cost
1 – 5 Cases £25
6 – 10 Cases £35
60+ Bottles POA

All estimated delivery costs are excluding vat.

Please note, that wines removed from bonded storage will be liable for UK Duty and VAT.

Consolidated Deliveries

We will always aim to consolidate the deliveries from the same location. Although we aim where possible to consolidate all Lots at London City Bond prior to delivery to save on costs and potential loss or damage.

International Shipping

Taversham’s Auctions are experienced at shipping wines around the world. We have a great relationship with  Seabrook Exports and  Connoisseur International .

Your Winning Bids will be safely handled and exported from our warehouse, our export partners can offer shipping from the UK to anywhere in the world.

On our International Shipping page you’ll find indicative pricing for our full range of option for shipping around the world.

All international shipping will be invoiced directly and is payable to the courier, separately from any invoice from Taversham’s

Where Are My Wines Kept?

Before the Auction, Lots are generally offered from one of two locations depending on their duty status.

Auction Lots offered ‘In-Bond’ are stored at our storage account with London City Bond, Tilbury Docks, RM18 7AH .

Auction Lots offered ‘Duty-Paid’ are usually stored at our head office in Suffolk, NR34 7HB

Please be aware that winning bids on In-Bond & Duty-Paid Lots will require two separate delivery charges, unless they are consolidated at LCB first.

On occasion, wines may be offered from a 3rd Party Location and this will be detailed in the Lot Information.

Can You Store My Wines?


For Long Term storage, especially for wines stored under bond, or for high-value wines, we can open an Account at London City Bond for you. You’ll have a storage account in your name and storage costs are charged yearly.

We can also store Duty-Paid wines, for a short time at our head office address, prior to collection or delivery. This is offered on a case-by-case basis, please get in touch to enquire about short-term storage.