Getting Your Wines To Us

Once we’ve agreed to enter your wine into auction, we’ve confirmed quantities, condition, reserve prices and auction estimates, you’ll need to make sure your wines get to us before the auction starts.

The deadline is usually the end of the month prior to the Auction going live.

For example, wines for an auction in May would need to be with us by the end of April.

Wines that are stored in your home cellar 

  • Any wines that are not currently stored under-bond, can be sent directly to our Head Office for storage.
  • We have an agreement with the Auction Services provided by Mailboxes Etc… that facilitates wine drop-off points across the UK.
  • Transfers can sometimes take up to 10 working days, make sure you book with MBE Auction Services as far in advance of the deadline as you can.

Auction Services from Mail Boxes Etc.

We have an arrangement with MBE Auction Services, for a quote please contact their Chipping Norton Head Office by sending an email to  or Calling +44 (0)1608 647015 directly.

specialist auction shipping

MBE Auction Services have 50 High Street ‘Drop-Off’ locations where they will package and deliver your wine to us, fully tracked and insured.

View All the Locations

Information they will require:

  • Number of Bottles
  • Declared Total Value, based on our agreed ‘Reserve’ prices
  • Use the Reference: ‘Taversham’s’

Our Delivery Address

  • Taversham’s Auctioneers, The Coach House, 6 High Street, Wrentham, Suffolk, NR34 7HB

Wines that are stored ‘Under-Bond’

  • You’ll need to let your bonded warehouse or storage company know that you would like to transfer the wines, under bond, to Taversham’s Auctioneers. Our Account details are below
  • Transfers can sometimes take up to 10 working days, make sure you instruct them as far in advance of the deadline as you can.

Taversham’s Auctioneers, Under-Bond Storage Account Details

Account: WTLDIN, Sub-account TAVERSHAMS
London City Bond, Dinton Woods, SP3 5HB.

The Wine Tunnels

It’s best to tell The Wine Tunnels that wines are on their way too.

Tel: +44(0)845 351 2899

If you need any further help or information, please Contact Us